F-tech Inc. is a specialized manufacturer in industrial filters.
When it comes to Filtration and Separation,
please consult to F-tech.

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Our FeatureContinue to answer customer
needs with product quality

We sincerely face the needs of our customers and
work on manufacturing with the highest priority on quality.
From product development to manufacturing,
each product is carefully crafted by skilled craftsmen,
and several inspection procedures ensure the highest degree of quality.

We strive to live up to the trust of our customers,
we will collaborate as a partner to support our customers' success.
Through manufacturing that is close to customer needs and sticks to quality,
we will pursue customer satisfaction.

Our Feature
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Cartridge Filter Capsule Filter Disk Filter Oil Mist Separator


We value coexistence with society and make every efforts to minimize the burden on the environment.
We grow together with our customers by flexibly responding to the ever-changing demands of society and providing high-quality products and services.

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